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The only Israeli company that develops, manufactures and sells supplements, cosmetics and perfumery.
The principles of the company are based on functional medicine - providing tools that allow a person to heal himself.
Functional medicine is the complementary medicine that helps conventional medicine..

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Dr Nona Dead Sea Water Compresses

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Dr Nona Dead Sea Water Compresses

Dr.Nona Dead Sea Compressed Wipes (Dead Sea Salt, psoriasis, acne, inflammation, cleansing damaged skin, skin defects, healing wounds, acne, soothes the skin, improves blood circulation, tissue regeneration, mild pain, etc.)

Dead Sea Salt Compressed Wipes contain a unique natural bioorganomineral complex, which is enhanced by the addition of French aromatherapy oils.

Dr. Nona Compressed Wipes from the Dead Sea water should not be missed in any household. This means you will feel the power of the ancient Dead Sea waters. The beneficial effect of the unique natural bioorganomineral complex is enhanced by the addition of French aromatherapy oils. Dead Sea bed linings help you get rid of skin defects associated with different chemical or mechanical skin damage. They are applied as a lining to clean the damaged area of ​​the skin, leaving it to dry. This product will be appreciated by all who have any skin problems. It heals and cleans minor injuries, eczema and acne. It has an antiseptic and soothing effect on the skin. It improves blood circulation, tissue regeneration and wound healing. Mild pain.

Basic ingredients: Dead Sea Water, aloe vera extract, lavender oil, salicylic acid.

Indications: psoriasis, dermatitis, neurodermitis, any problem areas of the skin, purulent postoperative scars, infected wounds, removal of old scars, varicose veins, sore feet, stomach limbs, especially in phantom pain, minor injuries, cracks, Post-shaving, fast skin regeneration, irritation of the scar, prevention of irritation therapy, frostbite, wet eczema, dermatitis, cosmetic effect, chemical and thermal burns.
Experience the Dead Sea in your own home.
All Dr. Nona products have been approved by the Ministry of Health of Israel known for its strict policy on quality product manufacturing and efficacy. They are natural, do not include animal derivatives, and have never been tested on
animals. The capsules are made from vegetable and Contains no parabens

Seller Is a Director at Dr Nona LTD -Tracking: Provided
All additional payments such as tax, are the buyers responsibility.

Your benefits :
Fast delivery from Israel The sole source of authentic Dead Sea products
Very quick handling
Newest Fresh Products . The Best Prices.
The largest Dr Nona products Collection
We love to asist you ,Product information from Dr. Nona’s experts.
30 days refund Money back guarantee
Free Gift with purchase of 99 $ !!! or more .

Our Company Dr. Nona has set up a Cancer Aid Fund for Children

With a percentage of the Company’s Cycle.

* Standard International Shipping: We ship to these countries US UK Europe Costs $ 15 Up to 500 gr More then 500 gr Costs $ 18 More then 1kg $ 20 10 – 21 business days Canada Costs $ 16 Up to 500 gr More then 500 gr Costs $ 20 More then 1kg $ 24 12- 30 business days bar Expedited International Shipping: US UK Europe 2-4 business days $ 32 Up to 500 gr $ 36 Up to 1KG To Australia and Canada Costs : $ 36 Up to 500 gr $ 42 Up to 1KG 3- 7 business days bar * Not include handle between 1- 2 business days Since each Country has its own import regulations We provide only the product the handling And the shipping . All additional payments such as tax, and custom fees if thre is ,are the buyers responsibility. COVID19 - RESTRICTIONS, PROBLEMS Please note that it is currently not possible to send a package to all countries and delivery may be longer than usual. * Very Important : Due to the cancellation and reduction of flights, forwarding companies cannot guarantee delivery times on all international postal services. In addition, the postal services in the world, the customs authorities, the transport companies and so on, operate in an emergency format in order to reduce the exposure and spread of the corona virus. Israel Post Company Our shipping company makes efforts to sort and deliver the mail items to their destinations in the best way, according to the restrictions and guidelines of the Ministry of Health. We apologize for any delay in the International Postal Service due to reasons beyond our control. Because of tthe epidemic around the world There may be disruptions in supply on the part of the shipping companies For reasons that do not depend on them such as closures in red countries Airport closures and flight cancellations We all suffer from the plague results These are not normal times and we all need to show restraint and patience We do our best to monitor shipments and expedite shipping processes

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